Children are the most important people in this world. They are open and willing to learn. It is our honor to give them the love we have for dance. Each child is treated an an individual because they are truly no two alike. We strive to always offer a comfortable, loving and honest atmosphere where each child will feel important and like a member of our family. Dance has always been an incredible force in our lives that has compelled us to share our love for it with others. Children are our future; let us provide for them a safe and positive atmosphere where they may develop into talented, well-adjusted individuals. 


When you walk through the door at Studio 31 Dance our warm and friendly office staff is here to welcome and serve you.

Studio 31 Dance instructors continue displaying excellence by keeping up with the newest, most innovative styles and techniques, while staying focused in the role we play in making good people of our students. We are proud of the commitment the staff holds to our students.

In addition to an outstanding weekly teaching staff we have a fantastic display of guest teachers. S31D students are given the opportunity to work with world class teachers



Thank you for choosing Studio 31 Dance as your dance home. We know you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and excitement generated by the entire S31D staff. Our first and foremost concern is your child. At studio 31 Dance a student is not just a number, but a person with a name, and the teacher has the opportunity to give them the individual attention they so rightly deserve. Studio 31 Dance embodies high quality dance instruction. Our instructors are some of the most versatile in the country, specialized in the performance arts, which enable us to meet all your performance needs.

There is a heavy emphasis on the importance of technique in dance, while maintaining a firm belief that dance is to be fun! We strive for top notch, well trained performers, with strong character, a strong mind and body, good sportsmanship, a practice of loyalty, and the understanding that excellence is not always being the best, but it is always doing your best. To this end we dedicate ourselves to you.


Karol Matthews, Founder + Instructor

Kellie Matthews, Founder + Instructor

Theresa Feimer, Instructor 

Stevie Dee, Instructor

Lisa Sellge, Instructor

Jasmine Davis, Instructor

Jessica Martin, Instructor

JJ Keller, Instructor